'Acclaimed as one of the top of the league for a long time...her music doesn't coast or avoid the sense of inventive tension between musicians.' - John Fordham, The Guardian

' of this first to set the style that is now considered de rigueur for British jazz vocalists.' - Gus Garvey

'One of the UK's more original vocalists whose jazz sensibilities stretch further than the norm.' - Time Out

'...the singer's insights into her material quickly win over the listener to her extremely musical cause.'- - Val Wilmer

'Her influences are diverse, including soul, funk, blues and last but not least jazz - a discipline her voice luxuriates in. She really could sing the telephone book and make it sound interesting. In a class way above the current clutch of much hyped female singers.' - Highly Strung Magazine

'She's a marvel. Great improviser and can also sing great harmonies to songs.' - Hugh Hopper

' famous for her freely improvised work as for her skill in interpreting both jazz and popular material.' - The Times